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MTP Business Studies for Grade 7 LB

Approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development

Long Description

By the end of Junior Secondary, the learner should be able to:

  1. Make effective use of financial literacy skills for prudent financial decision-making, generating income, and creating wealth for sustainable development.
  2. Understand business and its environment in addressing economic issues in society.
  3. Practice basic business and entrepreneurial skills for the development of self and society.
  4. Act with integrity and apply knowledge, critical understanding, and technology to environmental concerns and ethical issues as both opportunities and constraints for businesses.
  5. Recognize the role of the government in business and respond to community, national, and global economic issues as an informed and responsible citizen.
  6. Develop an awareness of the nature and significance of basic skills of keeping business financial records, innovation, and change within the context of business activities.
  7. Exhibit understanding of pertinent and contemporary issues in business and society.
  8. Develop a foundation for further studies in careers related to Business Studies.

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