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MTP Integrated Science for Grade 7 LB

Approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development

Long Description

By the end of Junior Secondary, the learner should be able to:

  1. Acquire scientific knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to make informed choices on career pathways at senior school.
  2. Select, improvise, and safely use basic scientific tools, apparatus, materials, and chemicals effectively in everyday life.
  3. Explore, manipulate, manage, and conserve the environment for learning and sustainable development.
  4. Practice relevant hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition skills to promote good health.
  5. Apply the understanding of body systems with a view to promoting and maintaining good health.
  6. Develop the capacity for scientific inquiry and problem-solving in different situations.
  7. Appreciate and use scientific principles and practices in everyday life.
  8. Apply acquired scientific skills and knowledge in everyday life.

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